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I'm using:
- SecureCRT version 8.7.2 x64 build 2214 Official Release 14. May 2020
- Platform: Windows 10 Professional 1809 + update KB4551853 from 12 May 2020

I configured SecureCRT via:
Options -> Global Options -> SSH2 -> "Use a certificate from you personal CAPI sotre or a PKCS #11 provider DLL"
- I've chosen PKCS #11 in ComboBox, picked up DLL in path and tried to select "Certificate to use" via 3dots button.

This worked perfectly fine.
But when I close the application and later start it up, then SecureCRT is not able to use previously configured DLL and I need to repeat DLL selection via Global Option -> SSH2 dialog to make YubiKey smartcard available.
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