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Originally Posted by jdev View Post
Currently there is no command line option for connecting a Local Shell protocol ad hoc tab. I've created a feature request for it, and we'll post here should something become available a la /LOCALSHELL, for example.
A /LOCALSHELL command line option has now been implemented and is available in a pre-release version of SecureCRT 9.0.

If you're interested in trying it out, please send email to
  • Use the following subject: ATTN: Request for SecureCRT 9.0 prelease with /LOCALSHELL support (Forum thread 14286)
  • Send your email from the same email address you use to download SecureCRT installers from our web site (or include the email address of your download account in the body of your email message).
If you're reading this message after 9.0 Beta 1 (or newer 9.0 beta version) has already been released, download the beta to get access to try out the new /LOCALSHELL CLI/Connect() protocol specification functionality.

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