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Exclamation SecureFX to Cisco enable priv

I am trying to SCP via SecureFX to a cisco router which needs elevated privileges after login. It looks like SecureFX has the ability and is trying to enter enable mode, however it just times out without putting in a password, and I don't receive a prompt. Where do I put the password for enable mode for SecureFX to enter?

i RECV : USERAUTH_FAILURE, continuations [publickey,keyboard-interactive,password]
i SEND[0]: SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN('session')
i SEND[0]: Pty Request (term: vt100, rows: 1024, cols: 256)
i RECV[0]: pty request succeeded
i SEND[0]: shell request
i RECV[0]: shell request succeeded
i RECV[0]:
i SEND[0]: terminal length 0
i RECV[0]: KCLR1>terminal length 0
i SEND[0]: enable
i RECV[0]: KCLR1>enable
i RECV[0]: password:
i RECV[0]: % password:  timeout expired!
i RECV[0]: % Error in authentication.
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