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Word Wrap and Clipping Issues

Good day,

I am having a bizarre and incredibly frustrating issue that I will try to depict below. I cannot share the actual content, but this should give you an idea. Used a pipe (|) to depict the cursor.

How it should look:
[user@host(hostinfo-1) ~]$ /path/to/script/scriptname argument|
How it does look, wraps back on itself:
/scriptname argument|fo-1) ~]$ /path/to/script
When I backspace back to the line, the line appears two lines behind the original line and leaves the remnants of the original line:
[user@host(hostinfo-1) ~]$ /path/to/scrip|

                    fo-1) ~]$ /path/to/script
I have tried adjusting the Logical Columns, the Emulator, and the Line Wrap... no dice. Using VT100 on Version 8.3.3 (x64 build 1646). Please advise!

Also, twice now I have typed out a thread and when I went to submit it, my session apparently expired and I lost it all and had to start over. Super don't have time to redo stuff... please consider extending your user sessions. Thank you.
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