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FTP Authentication

Hi Guys,

I want to fetch a huge list of files from my UNIX server to windows. The server accepts only sftp protocol.

I have all these file names stored in a csv file and have created a macro in excel that creates a batch file which has the following for each file:

sfxcl sftp://my_user_name:my_pass@host//<my_file>path> C:\<destination_folder>

It seems to be working fine, but the problem is that even after I have provided a password in the sfxcl command the batch file prompts for password while individual download process. Once I provide the password, the file is fetched.

However, I am unable to automate the entire process as it prompts for password for each file(I have over 100 files daily). Please help what I can do to supress the password prompt for each file.

PS: I have secure crt 6.2.
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