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Hi mschaafs,

Problems with the cursor overwriting the shell prompt are almost always caused by incorrectly escaped control codes in the remote shell prompt's configuration.

Does this problem occur for you when using other terminal emulators, like putty, to connect to this exact same host as the exact same user account?

If it doesn't occur in putty, it could be solved by changing your emulation in SecureCRT to Xterm, since that is the emulation that putty uses.

Originally Posted by mschaafs View Post
Also, twice now I have typed out a thread and when I went to submit it, my session apparently expired and I lost it all and had to start over. Super don't have time to redo stuff... please consider extending your user sessions. Thank you.
How much time elapsed between idle periods?

My associates here say they have never been timed out before even after many hours have gone by while composing a post...

I'm wondering if this is something that is unique to your specific browser/network configuration or if other forum posters have experienced similar issues...

If any in the forum community have experienced sessions "expiring" as mschaafs has, would you please chime in and let us know of your experience?

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