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Hi bstedh,

Why are you using such an old version? Version 6.7.3 is 7-8 years old.

Your crashing problem may be as simple as upgrading to the next maintenance release:

Changes in SecureCRT 6.7.4 (Official) -- February 2, 2012
  • SecureCRT crashed if a tabbed session was disconnected while a script was running.
But SecureCRT also had a v6.7.5 release (if your license is valid for 6.7.3, it's valid for 6.7.5) and the last release in any version is what's available on our website. You can check Upgrade Eligibility here.

I tried just closing them all with .Close but that crashed every time.
Per the documentation in SecureCRT's Help file for the Close method available to the Tab object:
Any active connection associated with the tab (or tiled session window) referenced by object is terminated when the tab (or tiled session window) is closed. The tab or tiled session window running the script cannot be closed.

Is there a better way to check if a tab has been used and close it and not touch any other tabs a user may have open?
What do you mean by "if a tab has been used"? Are you checking for output? How are you determining if a tab's been "used"?

Rather than a shotgun approach, I expect you would put focus on that one tab (with Activate method) and then close it (as long as it's not the tab the script was started in).

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