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Terminal EMulation Behaviour


I am getting word wrap and emulation strange behaviours. I assume it is just a setting or two.

I am running 4.4.0-31-generic GNU/Linux and the terminal emulation is xterm

I have the following issues:

1. Reach a certain width and the line wraps back to the same line, sometimes the up arrow also just overwrites ontop of the line there rather than starting fresh. It makes it very hard to type long commands. I have tried using more columns, seems to improve a little but not much.

2. The screen just stops scrolling after a while

3. Backspace sometimes just deltes a line it has wrapped ontop of the existing.

I'm sure I have a setting wrong here.

Can you offer any suggestions please to help?

I am running SecureCRT 7.3.5 build 903

Many thanks in advance
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