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Thsnk you for the reply. But rather than having users set ENV vars I am looking to leverage something that is already being set during installation.

In your Global Options dialog, the user is already setting the 'Configuration folder' to f:\VPN\mythings

Now in the sessions dialog I would like to use that setting to find the script files.

'Configuration folder'/myscripts/foo.vbs

I have lots of logon scripts and I dont want to give them full paths in the session dialog. It would be nice if I could use the Config folder data to find the scripts.

Originally Posted by rtb
Hi armanrivard,

Thanks for the question. In SecureCRT 6.6.1, you can accomplish your goal. It is important to note that you will need to use the correct syntax for environment variables. In Windows this is %variable%. You could set a Global or User environment variable with a name of "Config", and then you could access this variable by adding %Config% in the Configuration folder section of the General category of the Global Options Dialog.

Does this help you accomplish your goal?
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