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SSH Agent and trying keys...

Yes it does give me an idea of what is going on. For some reason I wasn't thinking in terms of failed attempts (my mind was thinking of "presenting 9 keys" and being told which one we can use. For hosts I can change the number of tries, but for things like switches and routers, I might not have that ability.

In terms of using your suggestion, the challenge is that I use one key for servers (or jump hosts) which are in the session key assignment, but the keychain is scanned based on which environment I jump to from there... production, staging, north america, EU, CN, DE, SG, development, monitoring. There are 9 different environments I "jump" to from that server so I never know which key I specifically need at what time. But the behavior does explain some of the "random" failures I was having in the past (which became more prevalent when I changed the order that I was loading keys in from).

Not the best answer, but definitely puts it in context.

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