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I'll do this next time. After rebooting my Macbook and reconnecting to my customer's VPN, SecureCRT was able to connect to local host and customer systems.

When the problem occured I had performed these actions:
  • Connect to employer VPN from home network. ( securecrt was working )
  • Disconnect from employer VPN
  • Connect to customer VPN
  • Mac Terminal, iTerm could ssh to customer systems , but SecureCRT would not.
  • SecureCRT would open a tab for the session with a red icon on the tab. It did not connect and there were no error messages, just a blank terminal screen on each tab.
  • I could not close the app, I had to force quit it.

Before the reboot, it may be notable that I could start an Ubuntu virtualbox VM , and SecureCRT could connect to customer systems while the VM was connected to the customer VPN.

I wonder if connecting to 2 different VPN's in succession 'confused' SecureCRT .

Regardless, I've bookmarked this thread and I'll send trace logs if the issue occurs again. Note that I added the macOS version to this thread as well.
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