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Did you see the .exe-part in md5sum run?
No. I missed that. Sorry!

The only time I can think of where SecureCRT would prompt you for the passphrase before verifying with the server that it has the unsigned public key portion, is when the .pub file isn't present for SecureCRT to load. In such cases, SecureCRT must then load the private key to then extract the public key.

For the sake of example -- I'm not trying to pry information from you that you are not comfortable sharing -- let's say your private key file could be named something like id_ecdsa.
Is there a corresponding file on the old SecureCRT machine that does not exist on the new SecureCRT machine?
And, if it's not there on your new machine, what if you copy that .pub file over from the old machine and put it in the same location as your private key file... do things now work for you?

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