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Yes I know that is has a passphrase, and on previous installs of SecureCRT it would ask for that passphrase *ONCE* and the never ask again during the time I was using the session. For some reason on this install (which was a backup via XML export/import, but I did copy my correct keys over from the old machine as well) it asks for it EVERY single time. Using the same exact key on my previous machine and install it never faced this behavior. Also on my terminal windows I have used ssh-copy-id so those too never prompt for the passphrase.

The expected behavior I have is for it to ask for the passphrase once and not again. It seems to only be with one particular server as well which is further perplexing (and annoying as I use that server as a jump host for many other servers downstream of it). Other servers in my environment using the same exact SSH key pair don't have this behavior.
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