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Hi peteral,

Thanks for the post. SecureCRT does indeed work differently than Putty. Rather than use an environment variable, SecureCRT looks to its own configuration folder and files.

I have created a feature request to add the ability to look to a DISPLAY environment variable rather than use the configured options. Should we add this we will post to this forum thread.

If you would like to be notified directly, please complete and submit the form at the following location:
Submit Feature Request
In the meantime, you can configure the session to use a specific local display using the following instructions:
To edit a session .ini file:
  1. Close all instances of SecureCRT. If changes are made to the session .ini file while SecureCRT is running, the changes made will be undone when SecureCRT is restarted.
  2. Edit the session .ini file (located in SecureCRT's configuration folder location indicated by the "Configuration folder" field in the 'General' category of the Global Options dialog. Add/modify lines as instructed.
  3. Save changes made to the session .ini file and start SecureCRT.
Note: If you have a /f in the target of the shortcut used to launch SecureCRT, then the path to the Config folder will be different than the path in step 2 above.
The line to modify is:
D:"XServer Port"=00001770
D:"XServer Port"=00001771
The number will be specific to the display port you want to use.

Does this help you accomplish your goal?

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