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trouble importing external modules (SCRT 9.0)

Hey all,

I've been using SecureCRT 9.0 and writing some pretty handy Python3 scripts for a few weeks now. The other day, I shared one of my scripts with a coworker, and they were unable to get it to work.

- They're using SecureCRT 9.0 on Windows 10

- They have Python 3.8.6 installed. This is the version that runs when they enter 'python' at the Windows command line.

- The package in question (PyQt) can be imported from the local Python shell.

- They're using the same scripts I am (Python3 tag used at top)

However, when they go to run the script in SecureCRT, they see a 'ModuleNotFound' error.

Any information on troubleshooting something like this would be greatly appreciated. I'm just quite stumped why, if secureCRT is using the local python interpreter, it doesn't see that module.

Thank you
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