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%USERNAME%, but add a specific domain for the username field

Hi there all.

Our team shares the same session configuration for multiple people on the team. The %USERNAME% has been a god-send for detecting the current user for this. A couple of the endpoints that we connect to needs to have a domain\username for the format and the domain\%USERNAME% set in the session settings no longer detects the current user for the %USERNAME%. It instead gets treated as "domain\%USERNAME%" just as you see the text in quotes.

A couple searches through the forum suggest using GSSAPI, but the endpoint stated that it was not a supported format or I did not set it up properly.

What am I missing or how to I wrap the %USERNAME% to still be treated as a variable when I do domain\%USERNAME%?

There is still another option that I am considering with the separate auth config file, just not as ideal since I would need everyone to grab the shared file and set them up to with a how-to process just to avoid the above issue.
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