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Hi winstroll,

I will leave it up to Laurent to answer whether he maybe has a Python version of his script he can share with you, but just in general, the objects, methods and properties related to SecureCRT are the same. You just have to conform to the syntax of your chosen scripting language.

For example, this in VBScript:
  crt.Screen.Send vbcr
  crt.Screen.WaitForString "$"
  crt.Screen.Send crt.Arguments.GetArg(0) & vbcr
Would be this in Python:
  crt.Screen.Send(crt.Arguments.GetArg(0) + "\r")
The only notable difference is that SendKeys() is not presently supported in Python.

All of SecureCRT's objects, methods and properties are documented in the Help topic Scripting / Script Objects Reference.

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