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The area of the Window that usually reads "not connected - SecureCRT" when SecureCRT is first launched is called the "title bar".

It can be changed by using the crt.Window.Caption property as mentioned.

In addition, each tab's label/caption can be changed by using its corresponding Tab object's Caption property as well.

For example, this code will prepend an index to each tab label in your SecureCRT window:
For i = 1 to crt.GetTabCount
    strPrefix = "[" & i & "] "
    Set objTab = crt.GetTab(i)
    If Left(objTab.Caption, Len(strPrefix)) <> strPrefix Then
        objTab.Caption = strPrefix & objTab.Caption
    End If
Note also, however, that setting a tab's caption also affects the SecureCRT Title bar (which reflects the caption of the active tab).

Does this information help to answer your questions?

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