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Hi Dustin,

If not, the only other idea I could think of would be to use the /ARG option to define variables that a local script was using, but I saw in previous forum posts that this option wasnt supported yet, though that was an old post. So for example something like:
SecureCRT.exe /ARG username=admin /ARG password=abc123 /ARG ip= /Script script.vbs and in the script it has two ssh statements, one that connects to the ssh jump server, another that connects to the customer device which references the variables defined in the command-line syntax.
What version of SecureCRT are you using?

On what platform?

One way to accomplish this is to use Logon Actions (Session Options / Connection / Logon Actions), but using arguments will probably be the easier way if there are many devices you need to access from the jump box.

Without posting sensitive data, how would you perform this manually?

In other words, do you make a connection to the jump box via a SecureCRT session and then just type ssh user@hostname?

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