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Hi xiaokaoy,

Thanks for the info. Most output should be written to the log as soon as it is echoed to the terminal, but with a command such as top, there could be some other idiosyncrasies.

Are carriage returns (CRs) being sent by the remote?

It could be that the remote actually paints the info to the screen, as opposed to conventional lines of output. Let's get a raw log to see if there are CR line endings. (You also might try version 8.0, the current release, to see if the results are any different.)

To create a raw log:
  • Before connecting with the session, select Raw Log Session from SecureCRT's File menu.
  • In the Select Log File dialog, choose a folder and filename in which you would like the log text to be stored and press the Save button. At this point, if you open the File menu, you will notice that the Raw Log Session menu item now has a check-mark next to it; this indicates that raw logging is activated.
  • Now connect to the remote machine and perform the actions that cause the behavior.
  • Disconnect the session and select Raw Log Session from the File menu to turn off the raw logging feature.

Since a raw log can contain sensitive information, feel free to send it as an attachment via email to Please reference "Attn Brenda - Forum Thread #12302" in the subject line.

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