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Hi Laurent,

What version of SecureCRT are you using?

You diagnosed the issue correctly. A complete list of supported command-line arguments is found in SecureCRT's Help file under the topics:
  • Using the Software / Command-Line Options / Table of Standard Command-Line Options

  • Using the Software / Command-Line Options / Table of Protocol-Specific Command-Line Options

Is the "host" part of the ssh command something you wish to be completely flexible? In other words, I assume you need to ssh to many different hosts from the jump host, correct?

If so, your best option might be just to use a script and pass in the argument for the ssh command.

It is also not clear to me where you are providing the authentication for the jump host. If you have done that via Default Session, and if you only need to ssh to this one host, then that is also how you can send the ssh command. I can expand on that once I have more info.

Did you configure Default Session to authenticate to the jump host? Or is it something you will do from the command-line and you (wisely so) omitted it for this public forum post?

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