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Hi olivebranch2006,

We would like to get some additional data. Would you comment out the calls to ProgramAllAPs and let me know if you still see the issue when connecting to the second device?

If you do, would you enable logging for each connection to a separate file?

For example:
' Set log file name
crt.Session.logfilename = "c:\temp\connection1.log"
' Enable logging
crt.Session.log true
' Get current trace level so we can set it back after the test
nCurrentTraceLevel = CInt(crt.Session.Config.GetOption("Trace Level"))
' Set new trace level
crt.Session.Config.SetOption "Trace Level", 5
' Connect to remote
crt.Session.Connect "/ssh2 /l user /password password host"
' Set trace level back
crt.Session.Config.SetOption "Trace Level", nCurrentTraceLevel

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