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SecureCRT v8.5.3 slow, hanging, crash ,beachball

I have started to experience that i get the spinning beach-ball when running SecureCRT. First i thought this was because i was using the "log session" and the output was so fast that the program were struggling to keep up.

My Info:
Terminal: SecureCRT + FXv8.5.3 Mac)
Computer: MBP(Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015, OSX Mojave 10.14.3)

Today i experienced it again when logging into a remote linux machine with SSH and i ran the "mtr" command. While doing this you get the option to press "d" to change the display mode and after i do that the terminal window becomes "sluggish".

mtr example:
1. I press "d"
2. The cursor disappear on the window and the mode changes.
3. I press "d" again and the spinning ball appears.
4. Now i am helpless and all i can do is wait, but nothing happens.

Log session:
1. Login to network firewall
2. Enable log session (save somewhere)
3. run the debug command (once it starts to spit out a lot i get the beachball), i don't have this problem when using my the terminal on my mac for instance.

Would reinstalling SecureCRT help, what could be the issue?

I have stock SecureCRT with a .ini file to get cisco syntax highlighting and that is pretty much it.
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