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Logging stops with "Invalid Signature"


Win10, sCRT v8.3.2 (x64 build 1584)

I've recently started trying to log to a network drive via unc \\server\path\file.log

and have on occasion noticed a dialog hiding in the background saying:

Unable to write log file:
Invalid signature.
No more data will be logged.

afaik, there has been no network interruption or other issue preventing writing.

I think the biggest issue is that this error dialog does not come to the front, so lots of logging is possibly lost before noticing the dialog.

Also, the file menu still shows a check mark next to Log Session, which seems to indicate that a log is in process, even though it's not.

What does "Invalid Signature" mean in this context of logging?
Can Secure CRT have some sort of retry mechanism?
At the least, bring that dialog to the front?


ps. i'm really enjoying some of the features, such as split panes and solarized color schemes!
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