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Module caching


I wrote my own module to use with my scripts in SecureCRT.
It's still in active development, I test the module by running scripts that use it.
However it looks like SecureCRT caches the module somewhere because the changes I make to the module are not reflected as fast as I'd expect.
I thought that restarting the session that has a script that uses the module attache would be enough to reinitialize it. That wasn't the case. Then I noticed that a <module>.pyc file is created, so I figured that's the file that is used when I reconnect. However erasing it didn't help. Even restarting SecureCRT and erasing the .pyc file doesn't help.

When I change the script that's attached to the session (or called by a mapped key) I notice the changes immediately after reconnecting the session. The issue is only with modules called inside the script.

Can you shed some light on the script initialization process in SecureCRT?

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