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Originally Posted by AG_ccbcc View Post
this used to work, but now it doesn't.
What's different now on your machine or in SecureCRT vs. when it used to work?

Using any other protocol and it works fine --- I get the output I need... Going into my Windows 10 VM and using the console cable on the VM, I don't have this problem.
By "console cable", do you mean you're using a USB->Serial converter?

If you're using the same hardware and you're successful on Windows 10 in your VM, but it doesn't work in native Mac OS X, it would likely point to an issue with the driver of your USB->Serial converter.

Have you checked to see if the manufacturer of your console cable has any updated drivers for your version of Mac OS X?

Have you tried using any other USB->Serial converter devices to see if you get different results?

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