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Good Morning RTB thank you for the reply...

to answer the first question these are the promps when trying to ftp the config

In the line below Cisco-2960# is the prompt and copy startup-config tftp: is the command. following the command you must hit return
Ciaco-2960#copy startup-config tftp:

The line in red below is what is returned after hitting the return key. is the IP of the tftpo server. must hit retunr to move on...
Address or name of remote host []?

The line below is what is returned after presiing enter. The switch will use its host name as a suggestion for the filename. in all cases we want to keep the host name as the file name and add a .txt to the end of it...
Destination filename [Cisco-2960-confg]?

After pressing enter for the 3 rd time you swill see the output below. this indicates a successful config file transfer.
39344 bytes copied in 0.157 secs (250599 bytes/sec)

The file I am working with I have commented out lines 215 & 216 and 259
Lines 215 & 216 are:
' Wait for the command to be echo'd back to us.
g_objNewTab.Screen.WaitForString strCommand

and Line 259 is:
strResult = g_objNewTab.Screen.ReadString(strPrompt)

The script does look like it will run most of the way through, however are having a problem with the last line feed. There is no more information that needs to be added and all that needs to be done is to just hit the return key. How do we put that as a command in the command file being read in?

Also Is there a way to get one log file for each host instead of one log file for every command that is run? This command file has several lines of commands ...
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