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Good afternoon rtb,

Thank you for the post... Unfortunately that won't help. These are prompts returned by the switch.... I am thinking it may just be easier to create a new script.. I have tried copying and pasting sections of this vbs script into a new one and that hasn't worked out either... My dilemma is there are several hundred of these switches I need to hit and it looks like this script has a hard time with a dynamic prompts....

Just out of curiosity is there any documentation on the commands used in Secure CRT. I downloaded a VBS book and other than the if, then, else, and case.... this book isn't much help for your VBS script. I did see the VBS FAQ but that's not much help either... I am looking for info on the commands and their arguments. For example... objNewTab.Screen.CurrentColumn -1 leaves me with 2 questions.... What is objNewTab and what does the -1 mean?
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