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Question X11 forwarding in Mojave

I upgraded to Mojave and to SecureCRT 8.5.3, but I can no longer do X11 forwarding over SSH.

I've tried the following so far:
- Verified X11 forwarding is enabled
- Verified that Enforce X11 authentication is DISabled
- SecureCRT Display variable set to "" (this was the default)
- Verified that when I log in, the DISPLAY variable is set. It is, to localhost:10.0.
- Verified that the appropriate localhost entry exists in /etc/hosts on the remote server
- Verified XQuartz is installed and allowed to run by GateKeeper (it is, version 2.7.11.)
- Verified that I can start X11 apps locally on the Mac. I can, although in Mojave I had to run "export DISPLAY=:0" from a local terminal session before I was able to start X11 apps from the command line.

Still, when I try to start something as simple as xlogo, I get this error:

Error: Can't open display: localhost:10.0

If I skip SecureCRT and do ssh -X <remotehost>, X11 forwarding does work. Can anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong in SecureCRT?

If it matters, the remote system is a CentOS 7.6 system.
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