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SecureCRT 9.0 Beta (build 2315) - RDP - Active Window on toggle

Loving the Beta 9 SecureCRT but running into a peeve. Hoping it can be resolved in a future release

Because of WFH I am limited to my one monitor (unlike work where it is the Starship Enterprise of monitors everywhere).

I RDP into my Windows JumpBox from SecureCRT but I need to also reference something in another 'window' so I do the ALT+TAB (flip active window) to some other information then ALT+TAB back to SecureCRT.

The PEEVE is I have to click my mouse on the SecureCRT screen to make it ACTIVE for the application to receive keyboard input

FRUSTRATION - I learned all these Keyboard Shortcuts for a reason to limit moving off the keyboard to the mouse.

Hoping this isn's a 'setting' I missed in setting up the session or global options in SecureCRT. I looked

So could you 'fix' this on the next BETA build or official RELEASE!
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