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Originally Posted by ssetbob7 View Post
Is there a list of objConfig.GetOption("xxxxx") options? Or maybe a printout of all options for a session? And are some not changeable, meaning read-only?
Option names are discovered by looking underneath the hood in the Sessions subfolder of SecureCRT's Configuration folder. Open the Default.ini file (but don't make any changes... you don't want to corrupt it) and you'll see the format as in...
S:"XAuthority File"=
S:"XServer Host"=
D:"Enforce X11 Authentication"=00000001
D:"Request Shell"=00000001
S:"Keyboard Interactive Prompt"=ssword
D:"Disable Initial SFTP Extensions"=00000000
D:"Max Packet Size"=00001000
S:"Firewall Name"=None
S:"Sftp Tab Local Directory V2"=${VDS_USER_DATA_PATH}
S:"Output Transformer Name"=UTF-8
D:"Use Global ANSI Colors"=00000001
S:"Sftp Tab Remote Directory"=
S: represents a string value -- name is in ""s.

D: represents a DWORD value -- name is in ""s. These are not only for numeric values, but also for:
  • true|false values (0=false/off; 1=true/on)
  • tri-state values (0=false/off; 1=true/on; 2=defer-to-global-option's-value), and
  • radio button values (0=top-most option; 1=next-option-after-that; 2=next-option-after-that, etc.).

B: represents a binary value. These cannot be set from within a script, nor can they be manually edited.

Z: represents a multi-line string value. For example "Description" sets the text of the "Description" field in Session Options.

Yes, there are some fields that cannot be changed.

What, specifically, are you looking to accomplish?

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