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Originally Posted by bgagnon View Post
it sounds like you do not have write permissions on your config folder. [/I]?
Hi Brenda,

You gave me the perfect hint about the shared folder. I have checked the permission and changed permissions to write once again. It did not resolve the problem. However I understood that the problem is in the shared folder content, which had been copied from the old installation. What I did for the resolution:

1. I made export of the current definitions from the old installation at shared folder.
2. With the new installation running from the local drive I imported those definitions, which I exported during step 1.
3. I have checked how definitions worked with the new installation from local drive. They started to work!
4. I copied whole new installation directory to the shared folder.
5. I have changed the global settings of the new installation, selecting the path to the shared folder, Item 4.

Now everything works from both the new and the old installations.

Thanks for your help!
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