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Hi Brenda,

I have attached the sessions with exactly the same definitions how they look from the old and the new installations.

You wrote: "If so, it sounds like you are expecting the change made on one SecureCRT installation (to one or more sessions) to instantly be reflected in the other installation (in the same sessions already open), is that correct?"

No! I do realize that I have to re-read the session definition after the font change, but neither the session reopening, nor even restarting new installation of SecureCRT does not help!

I am using the following sequence to change the font (it does not matter from which particular SecureCRT version: the result is the same, no affect on the new installation and after few attempts on the old one too). All the steps done with running old version in parallel. Old installation was not closed when the new one has been restarted:

New Installation.

1.On the tab with active session select "Session Option" button.
2. At the left panel of the "Session Option" window select "Appearance"
3. At the right side of windows click "Font" button
4. At "Font" window change the font size, say from 10 to 8
5. Complete the change with clicking on "Font" window "OK" button.
6. Do the same on "Appearance" window.
7. On Menu do File>Exit
8. Answer "Yes" on question "Do you wish to disconnect from all sessions?
9. Start SecureCRT new installation again
10. See that the font size change has not been applied in the new installation.

I have tried to restart both installations to refresh session definitions. Now font changes are not applied nether on old and on new installations.
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