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Hi way,
Hope that will clarify the situation.
Unfortunately, not really.

When you say the change does not get made are you referring to not seeing the size change reflected in Session Options?

Or just what you see in the terminal window?

Do you have the exact same sessions open in each version/installation of SecureCRT (simultaneously)?

If so, it sounds like you are expecting the change made on one SecureCRT installation (to one or more sessions) to instantly be reflected in the other installation (in the same sessions already open), is that correct?

If so, that is not going to happen unless you reload the session(s) since the configuration is stored in memory. SecureCRT has to reread the session INI file to know the font has been changed.

If you are reopening the sessions, then you might be running into the issue where the first tab sets the font for all connected tabs (as would have been shown in a dialog similar to below the first time you connected more than one tabbed session).

If I still have missed the mark, please list the explicit steps to replicate the issue. Please be specific, labeling Install1 vs Install2 and Tab1a, Tab1b, Tab1c (on Install1) vs Tab2a, Tab2b, Tab2c (on Install2). (Or some other way of clearly distinguishing between the installations.)

This would likely be much easier via regular email, so feel free to send email to and reference "Attn Brenda - Forum Thread #13327" in the subject line.
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