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Hi Brenda,

Here are the answers:

1. I am using SecureCRT multi-version installation to evaluate how the new version is working. Just to make it clear, the new version is not evaluation version, but is the licensed one.

2. No, both installations are multi-session. Below I am providing the steps of installation, which I did:

a. SecureCRT 7.3.5 (x64 build 903) version was run several opened sessions. The definitions of sessions were placed on shared disk, to allowing me to use the same definitions from the different computers.

b. I installed SecureCRT 8.5.2 (x64 build 1799) and made the license registration. The new installation inherited the existing definitions of the sessions and opened them after start. I noticed that sessions have been started even without completion of passphrase. The passphrase has been set with old installation and the session with old version would not start without entering passphrase with old installation. With the new one I have chosen "Continue without passphrase" and new installation opened all existing sessions, defined in old installation.

c. Thus, I have got both multi tab multi-session installations, where I able to manage the sessions, except the fonts on the new installation got no reaction to the current font size adjustments (Lucida Sans Typewriter with/without Unicode Graphic Characters). Old installation changes the fonts properly, according to the instructions.

Summary: I have security question in the new version, since passphrase can be simply ignored with the new installation. Fonts changes also do not work.

Hope that will clarify the situation.

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