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Is there a way to either:
1. Run a script on all tabs.
2. Modify a script to run a script on each tab?
It is possible to either run a separate script in all tabs, or to run a single script that acts on all tabs.

The problem is that all commands are run before moving to the next tab.
Something like a WaitForString could cause this behavior, but I'd need to see your script to know what's causing the script to wait at each tab.

Here is an example script that sends a command to multiple tabs.
# $language = "VBScript"
# $interface = "1.0"

' Example script showing how to send commands to multiple tabs

Option Explicit

Sub Main()

    Dim tab, index, nTabCount
    nTabCount = crt.GetTabCount()
    for index = 1 to nTabCount
        set tab = crt.GetTab(index)
        tab.screen.send "ping" & vbcr

End Sub
Does this example help?

If the example above doesn't help could you send your script to with a subject "Forum thread 3478 attn Mike"?
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