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Whaouw... People around me are people managing live Tru64 or Sun Clusters and are those kind of Guru who don't like when you ask the to create a c:\temp because I can't manage it another way. That's the easiest way for sure but I'm looking for another one.
The following VBScript code snippet retrieves the path to a user's "My Documents" folder. Does this not help avoid the need to have a "C:\Temp" folder created?
Dim szDocsFolder, g_shell
Set g_shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
szTempFolder = g_shell.SpecialFolders("MyDocuments")
Whaouw That is tricky. I thought you would give me a way to get it from the registry or from a system call...
Unfortunately, the fullpath to the script being run [while it is running] is not currently exposed by SecureCRT in any way.

If you can implement the FullPath into a future version of SCRT, that would be nice.
I've submitted the request to the product manager. If the decision is made to add this to a future version, we'll let you know.

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