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Here in Belgium, we celebrate "Sint Nocolas" who brings presents to good kids.
Your answer is the best present I received this year

Well, indeed I wrote a rather complicated script which will upload the rz or sz tools in uuencode format, talink into account the line speed by doing a kind of flow control. This is really useful when one need to transfer files but doesn't have the rz/sz binaries on the target machine yet.

I provided to my collegues the script in a zip containing the vbs and in a subdirectory the rz/sz binaries for Sun, Linux and HP.

Today people will extract the script anywhere but they then have to edit the vbs and change a constant with their "current path".

I don't like having people editing the script to make it work and would like to have a way (even tricky) to get the path of the running vbs. Once I have it, I can deduce the path of the subdirectory.

As soon as this is done, I would provide to Vandyke my script so they can make it available to other. It took me some weeks of work and would be glad to share it with others.

Thanks for the reply.
Indeed, it would be nice to have a kind of crt.ScriptFullName

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