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Hi powerponch,

I guess I am still not making it clear.

In simplest terms, you have remotes/devices that require two different methods of authentication. Therefore, you would need to use two different command-lines to handle each.

So you either have to:
  • Be able to narrow down which requires password and which requires keyboard-interactive and connect to each with a different command-line.

  • Handle both types within the script somehow. This requires being able to distinguish between the two.

If you opt for the latter option, what I suggest is you connect manually to a device that succeeds with your current command-line and collect Trace Options output (instructions were in a prior post). Then also connect manually to one of the devices that results in the pop-up you are reporting and collect Trace Options output from that.

You will want to have Display logon prompts in terminal window enabled in the sessions you connect manually (or in Default session if it's an ad hoc connection). That option is found in the Connection / Logon Actions category of Session Options.

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