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Allowed characters in private key passphrase?

I'm on Windows 10 64bit, SecureCRT 8.5.4 (x64 Build 1942)

I generated a new key-pair on a Centos 7.7 box with openssl(OpenSSL 1.0.2k), set the passphrase(no ascii character in there) and transferred the private key to the windows-box.
Try to login with the new key on a linux-server. Got the query for the passphrase. And then get an error for invalid password. Tried then from the linux-box with the same key, put the passphrase in, it works.

Change(replace some special characters) the passphrase on the centos-box transfer the privat-key again. Now it works.

I'm always logged in with SecureCRT. But with old key-pair(other password then the new one) or password. So i think is for sure no problem with the keyboard settings.

That leads me to conclusion, there are some characters not allowed in the passphrase in SecureCRT, which are no problems for openssl.

Any hint here if there is a solution for this?

By the way. It would be great to import an manage the private key somehow in SecureCRT itself, so when i copy the settings, it is included. Not the current file-based solution.

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