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stevel 03-21-2014 04:37 AM

CRT Dockable Session Manager

With the release of 7.* came the Dockable Session Manager, but it's not acting in the way I expected ity to work.
The Sessions come up in the left hand panel and I double click on one of the connections and it appears in the shell screen on the right. If I clone a new session, etc, from the dropdown menu it creates different tabs as before.
What I then double click on another connection in the connections panel, it creates a whole new CRT session/process with its own Session Manager.
What I expected was for it to start a new connection/shell in a new tab of the existing session. It this just a configuration issue, and if it is supposed to work like this, is it a big request to have it work the way I want it? I don't want to have all these sessions/processes to click through to find the shell I'm interested in (we already had this previously I admit). The new 7+ releases if I believe is how I see it, havent given us much more than the original version pre-Session Manager.


rtb 03-21-2014 08:45 AM

Hi stevel,

Thanks for the post. It is possible to get SecureCRT to open a session in a tab from the new Session Manager. You can enable Connect session in tabs which is located in the Terminal category of the Global Options dialog.

The other option is to right-click in the Session Manager window and select Open Sessions in a Tab from the context menu.

Do either of these options help you configure the new Session Manager as you desire?

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