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ngrison 10-18-2017 11:57 AM

Beta 1490 Button Bar bugs

I am using SecureCRT 8.3 beta 1490 and have noticed a couple of bugs with the button bar:

- if I create a button to run a script, it will work until I quit SecureCRT. When I relaunch, the new button is there but the path to the script is lost. If I edit ButtonBarV4.ini by hand to include the path then the path is preserved correctly

- when a button is moved, the script path of the button and all other buttons "disturbed" by the move is lost and must be re-entered.

jjh 10-18-2017 12:42 PM

Hi ngrison

Thank you for letting us know. I was able to reproduce the problem on a virtual machine and I have created an entry for you in our bug tracking database. We will want to contact you when our developers have a version of SecureCRT fof you to try. Please send a message to referencing this forum thread so that we will be able to contact you directly when the issue is resolved.



ekoranyi 10-20-2017 08:34 AM

Hi ngrison,

Our QA/DEV team believes they have a version of SecureCRT 8.3 that addresses the issue you were seeing with buttons losing the script path.

If you would like to try this version please send an email to with "Attn Eric Forum Post 12864" in the subject line.

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