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cmyers 04-23-2011 02:07 AM

Getting rid of modal windows?
Is there any timeframe for making the various popup windows (session list, session properties, global properties, etc.) non-modal? I know you know how to do it since the Find window isn't modal.

It is extremely frustrating making a change to properties on a session and getting completely locked out of 10-15 sessions spread across 3-5 different windows. It's even more annoying when I need to copy information from one of the windows as part of the update and can't because I am completely locked out of any SecureCRT window except the last modal one. Attempts to click on anything else just give an error sound; doesn't even bring it to the foreground.

I'm pretty sure you will get the same complaint from Linux users as well, so this isn't just a Mac thing.

Maureen 04-25-2011 11:35 AM

Thanks for the feedback. Converting the Connect and Options dialogs to be modeless is not currently on the roadmap. If this change gets implemented, a message will be posted here. If you'd like to be notified by e-mail, please send a note to me at


cduerr 12-20-2011 01:35 PM

Hello, I second the request.

bgagnon 12-20-2011 01:47 PM

Hello cduerr,

I have added this thread to a feature request in our development database to make the connect and Session Options/Global Options dialogs modeless on SecureCRT for Mac OS X. Should a future release of SecureCRT include this feature, notification will be posted here.

If you prefer direct e-mail notification, contact and include "Feature Request - Forum Thread #7462" in the subject line.

cmyers 12-21-2011 07:28 PM

Please note in the request that this actually applies across all operating systems, not just OS X. It's equally frustrating no matter what OS is being used.

rtb 12-22-2011 01:45 PM

Thanks for the clarification cmyers. We will post to this forum thread if a future release of SecureCRT for Mac, Linux or Windows has modeless dialogs.

cmyers 11-15-2012 06:34 PM

As of Nov 2012 it appears that this has not even made it onto the SecureCRT roadmap yet due to lack of demand. So, if anyone else wants this feature please either reply to the thread or tell VanDyke directly. Or both if you really, really want it like I do. :)



Maureen 08-23-2013 11:45 AM

A dockable session manager has been implemented in a pre-beta version of SecureCRT for Windows (other platforms to be implemented later). The new session manager can be docked and always shown, docked and only shown when you hover over it, or undocked and positioned anywhere as a modeless window. If you would be interested in trying it, please email me at


cmyers 09-18-2015 01:14 PM

I just saw the dockable session manager option for 7.3 while skimming through the forum. Since I'm on 7.3.1 at the moment I was hoping that I could turn it on and the modal window pain would be gone. Unfortunately that isn't the case.

The session manager window itself is independent of the terminal windows, which means that it is possible to do some session housekeeping (copying, moving, deleting, and renaming) without getting locked out of the terminal windows. That's great! However, as soon as you open up a properties window from within the session manager, to either create a new session or edit an existing session, you are locked out of all other windows, including the dockable session manager, until that properties window is closed.

This wouldn't be a major problem if I only had a single SecureCRT window open, but I don't. I routinely have anywhere from 4 to 8, each typically with two or more tabs, spread out over four different spaces. As soon as I open up a properties window I am locked out of all of them until that properties window is closed. While testing the dockable session manager I had a properties window open on one space and shifted to a different space for a different application. When I finished using it I clicked on one of the SCRT windows in that space and it took a few failures before I remembered that there was a properties window open somewhere that was locking me out.

I'm still hoping that the modality will go away one day. At least the topmost window is still movable, unlike the frustrating file open/save dialogue panes that OS X shifted to a few years ago.



rtb 09-18-2015 01:45 PM

Hi Chad,

Thanks for the request. We will post to this thread if we make the options dialogs non-modal.

If you would like to be notified directly, please complete and submit the form at the following location:
Submit Feature Request

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