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moonb0w 08-18-2019 08:55 AM

Feature Request: GPU based text rendering
Windows will release new windows terminal app that will be using DIrectX based text rendering that will display symbol, emoji, icon, powerline symbols or anything and also much faser.
Sysadmin/casual programmer/network engineer they use git and powerline symbols these days. I hope SecureCRT will support this too.

I love keyword highlighting feature but it is slow when I have a lot of text displayed.
Since Apple also have Metal maybe you guys can add this feature request to on the mac :)


berdmann 08-18-2019 01:22 PM

Hi moonb0w,

I have submitted a feature request on your behalf to implement this functionality in SecureCRT. Feature requests are typically prioritized based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the number of requests and the amount of implementation work required.

Should a future release of SecureCRT include this functionality, notification will be posted here.

If you prefer direct email notification, send an email to and include *"*Feature Request - Forum Thread #13879*"* in the subject line.

berdmann 08-27-2019 04:35 PM

Hi moonb0w,

We have worked to improve the performance of keyword highlighting in our latest pre-release build of SecureCRT!

If you would like to test said pre-release version, please send an email to with Attn: Forum Thread #13879 .

Please provide the email address associated with your VanDyke Software download account in the body of the email.

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