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dgregory 05-25-2016 08:40 AM

Smart Card/CAC Authentication
Good morning,

We recently purchased SecureCRT to assist with our ability to use smart card's to log into our network (Cisco) equipment. I've been browsing the forums and see several posts in regards to what we're trying to do here, but nothing seems to work for me. When I enable the trace option, I see SecureCRT pulling the information from my smart card, but I am not authenticating to the remote switch. I get the error stating "Public-key authentication with the server for user [username] failed. Please verify username and public/private key pair".

Is there a published guide available that walks through setting up Smart Card/CAC authentication between SecureCRT and Cisco?

We are using SecureCRT Version 8.0.1, ActiveClient as the middleware for SmartCards and are trying to access Cisco Switches and Routers.


jjh 05-25-2016 04:32 PM

Hi dgregory

This support issue would best be handled via e-mail because
we will be asking you for trace logs and possibly
configuration information that shouldn't be posted to a
public forum. Please send a message to
about this issue.

Thank you.


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