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nirvana80 10-19-2017 01:05 AM

SecureCRT Stops working when Visual Studio 2017 is installed

the other day I installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and after that I realized that SecureCRT would no longer launch.

I deleted the data folder, and I would then get the passphrase window but when it comes to the program to start it just won't start.

Puzzled I decided to wipe my windows 10 which needed a reinstall anyway only to find out that SecureCRT just won't start if Visual Studio is installed (even with a fresh windows 2010 build).

I haven't tried uninstalling visual studio 2017 to see if that restores the ability of secureCrt to open but one thing I am now sure of is that the issue is related to the fact that Visual studio 2017 is installed.

Some component installed by visual studio (not sure which) is disrupting SecureCRT.

Has anybody experienced the same? Any advice?


ekoranyi 10-19-2017 08:25 AM

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Hi nirvana80,

I'm sorry you're having trouble.

In these scenarios its almost impossible to detect what's happening behind the scenes without some behind the scenes information. Microsoft Technet provides a Sysinternals tool named Procmon (Process Monitor) that is useful for debugging and troubleshooting running processes. I've attached a document that shows how to use Procmon to acquire additional behind-the-scenes information that will help in troubleshooting further.

Would you be willing to use procmon as described in the PDF attached, and send me a .zip'd version of the PML log you generate with procmon? Please DO NOT ATTACH TO THIS FORUM POST as it may contain sensitive information. It can be emailed to with "Attn Eric Forum Post 12865" in the subject line.

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