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marek_k 11-14-2018 02:32 AM

CRT stable vs beta configs
Hello guys,

for production I use SecureCRT 8.3.0. I also installed beta of 8.5 which expired at the beginning of November. I created some menu buttons in 8.5 and was a bit surprised it wasn't presented also in 8.3. Is 8.5beta button configs stored in other place than stable version ones? Just for the record I don't recall I messed with config location in 8.5beta.


It's not critical... I am just curious....

bgagnon 11-14-2018 09:03 AM

Hi marek_k,

As a note, version 8.5.x has had an official release for awhile. We're now at version 8.5.1 and v8.5.2 is expected to be released tomorrow (November 15, 2018). :)

Are you talking about buttons on the Button Bar? (One place you wrote menu buttons, so I just want to be sure.)

If so, the INI file that corresponds to the Button Bar is named ButtonBarV#.ini and is found in SecureCRT's configuration folder. Every so often the # portion of that filename will change. In an upgrade scenario, this is seamless and the end user should not see any differences.

SecureCRT version 8.3.x used ButtonBarV4.ini and SecureCRT v8.5.x uses ButtonBarV5.ini.

It's not clear to me how you are sharing the config between your v8.3.x and v8.5.x installations. If the above does not answer your question, please elaborate on the problem you are trying to solve.

marek_k 11-15-2018 01:15 AM

Hi bgagnon,

Yes, I was talking about buttons on button bar. Thank you for clarifying what version number in INI filenames means ;)

I just copied v5 to v4 and it works... at least buttons are present in 8.3.0.

Our company is a bit slow on updating SecureCRT to latest versions, which is sad... but I already created a ticket to do so for me.

Thank you and have a nice day!

bgagnon 11-15-2018 07:51 AM

Hi marek_k,

Thanks for the update. The format of the INI file is not always guaranteed to remain the same between versions, but I am glad to hear it worked out for you. :)

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