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Massimiliano 04-13-2021 04:05 AM

Host local
Hi guys,
this is my problem:

I have Windows 10 and SecureCRT Version 8.3.2 (x64 build 1584) .

I need to be able to connect to routers using hostnames and not IP addresses without using the windows HOSTS file, but by reading the info from an external file (txt, csv, etc ..). in short I have to use a local host file. I have several routers to connect to and they are constantly changing so I can't use the "session manager".

Do you have some ideas?


PS: I searched the forum but I did not find anything that suits me

jdev 04-13-2021 08:43 AM

It seems like what you're asking is for SecureCRT to somehow be able to import your custom data and use it for a sort of internal name lookup, rather than relying on the established system network and DNS configuration.

If I'm understanding you correctly, I'm not sure there are many suggestions for you to consider since SecureCRT doesn't currently support any kind of internal name lookup method that effectively says, "Don't use the system-defined network name lookup methods, I want to manually create mappings between host names and IP addresses".

I'm assuming that these host names are known somewhere to some system, right?

If you have an SSH2 connection to that system, and that SSH2 server supports SSH2 port forwarding, then you might could use a Dependent Session as your "Firewall" setting -- that would allow you to use the host names known to that SSH2 server to connect from SecureCRT (because the SSH2 server would be the one performing the name lookup instead of SecureCRT).

Another option would be to use the script example that imports data into SecureCRT sessions -- and you modify that script to meet your needs in terms of creating sessions that are named with the host name you have, but have the internal host name field set to the corresponding IP address. Having saved sessions in SecureCRT would allow you to use the session manager's filter field to type in the host name you desire to reach and connect easily that way (because it will exist as a saved session in SecureCRT -- effectively mapping your host name to the corresponding IP address required to reach that machine).

What is the source of the data you already have which maps host names to IP addresses for each host to which you need to connect?


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