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SecureKomrad 02-01-2019 03:28 PM

Create Non-existent Folders in Log File Name Path
Is there a way to have SecureCRT create folders in the "log file name" path if they do not exist when the session begins? This would be convenience feature for me as when I install SecureCRT, I'll usually copy / paste the path into the "log file name" setting field as I use the same path every time I install it. It would save me having to create the path manually every time I install SecureCRT.

I'm currently using both SecureCRT 8.5 for the MAC and for Linux.

bgagnon 02-01-2019 04:30 PM

Hi SecureKomrad,

What are the specific Mac/Linux OSes?

SecureCRT does create the missing directories in my tests.

What, exactly, is your use case?

What is configured in the Terminal / Log File category of Session Options in your sessions? (Attach a screenshot if not sensitive data.)

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