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Amr_Wael 06-01-2020 09:32 AM

CurrentRow stops counting after accessing a device from a jump server
Hi Team,

I am trying to use the crt.Screen.CurrentRow but it seems only to work as long as I am on the jump server, once I ssh to another device the value returned always have the same row number. Is there anything that I am missing ?


bgagnon 06-01-2020 10:48 AM

Hi Amr_Wael,

I am sorry to hear of the issue. It's working as expected for me.

What version of SecureCRT are you using? On what OS/platform?

How are you connecting to the end host? Are you using dependent session? Or just connecting to the jump host and entering "ssh _end_host_"?

Amr_Wael 06-01-2020 09:58 PM

Hi Brenda,

I am using Version 8.5.1 on Windows platform. Yes, I am connecting to the jump host and then ssh to the end host


bgagnon 06-02-2020 07:35 AM

Hi Amr,

In all cases, I got an accurate value.

Please post the code that includes the crt.Screen.CurrentRow() call.

Please also post screenshots (unless sensitive data) illustrating the inaccurate value you are getting.

If the code or screenshots contain sensitive data, please send to and reference Attn Brenda - Forum Thread #14147.

Amr_Wael 06-03-2020 02:35 AM

Hi Brenda,

Please find the code below, for the snapshot I am not sure why I can't post attachments so I will be sending this via mail


tab = crt.Session.ConnectInTab('/ssh2 /L ' + username + ' /PASSWORD ' + password + ' IP.Address')

tab.Screen.Synchronous = True

tab.Caption = Device_name

tab.Screen.WaitForString("Nmstel password: ")
tab.Screen.Send(password + '\n')
tab.Screen.Send("ssh " + vedge_username + "@" + Device_name + '\n')
Row0 = tab.Screen.CurrentRow <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Last correctly counted Row
tab.Screen.Send('! current row is '+ str(Row0) +'\n')
tab.Screen.WaitForString("password: ", 30)
tab.Screen.Send(vedge_password + '\n')
tab.Screen.WaitForString("#", 30)
tab.Screen.Send('screen-length 0'+ '\n')
tab.Screen.WaitForString("#", 30)
tab.Screen.Send('screen-width 256'+ '\n')
tab.Screen.WaitForString("#", 30)

def main():

  tab.Session.LogFileName = os.path.expanduser('~\\Desktop\\Vedge_ATP\\' + Device_name + "\\" + "case1" + ".txt")
  tab.Screen.Send('show system status'+ '\n')
  tab.Screen.WaitForString("#", 30)
  tab.Screen.Send('show hardware alarms'+ '\n')
  tab.Screen.WaitForString("#", 30)
  tab.Screen.Send('show interface description'+ '\n')
  tab.Screen.WaitForString("#", 30)
  Row1 = tab.Screen.CurrentRow >>>>>> This row has a value of 58
  tab.Screen.Send('! current row is '+ str(Row1) +'\n')
  tab.Screen.Send('show interface ge0/1'+ '\n')           
  tab.Screen.WaitForString("#", 30) 
  Row2 = tab.Screen.CurrentRow >>>>>> This row as well has a value of 58
  tab.Screen.Send('! current row is '+ str(Row2) +'\n')
  DuplexRows =  Row2 - Row1
  tab.Screen.Send("!" + str(DuplexRows)+ '\n')
  tab.Screen.WaitForString("#", 30)
main ()

bgagnon 06-03-2020 07:58 AM

Hi Amr,

I replied to your email with an additional request for a raw log.

Amr_Wael 06-09-2020 09:26 AM

Hi Brenda,

Once the device is connected the raw log is immediately disabled and the tick jumps to the normal log instead.

I have replied back to your mail with more details and snapshots


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